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Agralogics provides a data platform for Food and Water Enterprises to improve their operational efficiency through tools to improve in-field collaboration, regulatory compliance, and resource conservation. Using Data Science, Flexible Mobile and Insight and Operational Dashboards, Agralogics provides quantified savings to these Enterprises for their global operations.
Agralogics mission is to enable Food and Water Enterprises to improve their operational efficiency and sustainability using actionable data and information.

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Aquantia, a fabless semiconductor company, raised $61.4M in its initial public offering on Friday November 3, 2017 issuing 6.8 million shares priced at $9/share.  The stock closed up nearly 6% at $9.51. Aquantia makes high-speed integrated circuits that help transfer massive amounts of information inside data centers.

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Atheer Labs

Atheer is a revolutionary wearable technology company that is creating an immersive mobile 3D platform that allows users to interact with their technology in ways previously not possible.

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BaseHealth™ makes an integrated health management platform called Genophen. The company leverages the broad appeal of genomics to engage patients with their physicians in a highly-collaborative way.

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Bright Context

Bright Context was acquired by Wealth Engine in 2014. Read more here
Bright Context provides a massively scalable data stream processing platform that makes it easy to deliver real-time stream analytics from any data source.

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Clear Labs

Clear Labs is the standard for molecular food quality in the global food industry. We are pioneering food analytics to so that the world’s most respected brands can differentiate on quality and stand behind their value.

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Clever Sense

Clever Sense was acquired by Google, Inc (GOOG) in 2011.
Clever Sense developed a context-aware personalization platform that helps people find things around them that match their tastes, using our machine learning & data mining technologies.

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PassBan was acquired by RSA, the security division of EMC (EMC), in 2013.
PassBan's technology protects your mobile applications & sites with personalized security.

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